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Mega Fortune is one of the largest and most famous jackpot slots in the world. He creates record profits of around 17 million euros and has already made thousands of millionaires, as well as passed out billions in little prizes. Learn everything concerning this well known slot machine!

Mega Fortune features Mega Fortune resembles most online slots initially. You will find 5 reels and three rows, on which 25 paylines run. You can bet between €0.25 and €50 per spin. But this particular slot has a lot more to offer. You can win a gigantic jackpot, additionally to 2 smaller jackpots. A lot more on that later!

Mega Fortune theme & symbols Mega Fortune contains the rich life as the theme of its. All symbols on the reels reflect this. You'll discover winning symbols such as expensive rings, a pack of cash, high-priced watches in addition to a chic limousine to get around in. This particular luxury car is the highest paying sign in this game and provides great wins for 5 in a line. Unlike the other symbols, you only need 2 of these to form a winning combination. There is additionally a wild that may help you shape winning combinations.Mega Fortune Free Spins

The totally free spins are one of the better parts of this particular game. You can get it when a number of champagne scatters end up on the reels. In addition, they have a win multiplier! You are going to get ten free spins whenever, together with a multiplier that will go as many as 5x. But there's in addition the bonus round, where you've a chance to win one of the Mega Fortune Jackpots.

The actual reasons to play Mega Fortune are the three progressive jackpots you can earn! There's a rapid jackpot, the mega jackpot and a big jackpot. These each start at a different measurement, but continue increasing until someone wins the extra game. For example, the mega jackpot begins at €150,000 but rapidly increases into countless euros. To experience with a possibility of winning among these 3 jackpots, you have to primarily win a bonus round.

In order to attain the bonus round, 3 extra wheels have to end up on the reels. สล็อตออนไลน์ You now see a considerable wheel with 3 wheels you can click to spin the wheels. With every wheel you've a chance to win an also bigger prize. If the arrows of the wheels coincide, you are able to have fun with on the following wheel. If you find a way to get to the innermost controls, you have an opportunity to win the mega prize of this game. Frequently this cost is much more when compared to a million and on average it's about €3,418,703