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The great thing concerning the Internet is that anyone can create anything. But that?s also the problem with the Internet ? anyone can create anything.
When it comes to locating the latest and greatest free PSN codes in 2020, you may be overwhelmed when Google search results show you hundreds of different websites claiming to provide PSN code generators online. How can you possibly tell those are legitimate, and which ones are just out to scam you and steal your information?
Our experts at PSNFox took time to research each of the websites we could discover that offered free PSN codes. Therefore, we found that while many of them were real, most of them were fake. Here are our top 10 10 ways to tell whether free PSN code generators are real or fake. Remember, don?t build relationships an internet site you don?t trust! Hopefully this helps you find among the best PSN codes that 2020 provides!
What Do Real PSN Codes APPEAR TO BE?
The first hurdle that fake websites must overcome has been able to create a PSN code that looks legitimate. While this seems easy to do at first glance, it is actually quite difficult. This is because PlayStation runs on the patented system to generate codes. Only real, factory-made codes will work.
It can be hard to inform the difference between real and fake PSN free codes. But as you feel more familiar with what real codes appear to be, you?ll grasp weeding out the fakes. For one, PlayStation itself has said that ?every PSN voucher code contains twelve digits?. Should anyone ever see a code with an increase of or less than twelve, you?ll immediately know it?s a fake.
Not to mention, legit PSN card codes are identified by the PlayStation Network?s card redemption system. While it costs nothing to generate a PSN code, real or fake, it really is still frustrating to understand that you?ve been bamboozled when you attend redeem your code on also it gives you an error.
If that does happen later on, you can get troubleshooting solutions on the PSN store that might help you sort out your trouble. Otherwise, you may arrived at understand that the website you downloaded the code from is really a fake, and it?s about time you moved on to a genuine code distributor.
Why Do Fake PSN Code Websites Even Exist, Anyway?
There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to make a totally fake free PSN code generator website. The biggest reason is that we now have scammers out there who are trying to steal your information.
free psn codes list
To get you to sign up with a 3rd-party service or website
To steal your email address and add you to spam lists
To collect your individual information like address or charge card number so as to steal money and other resources from you
To collect data for spam or phishing purposes
No matter their reasons for getting you to their site, scammers like this are only concerned about a very important factor: Gathering your details and using you for some reason. It doesn?t matter if they're promising free PlayStation Network codes, iTunes gift card codes, Microsoft store codes, or the like; they are just trying to steal something from you without intention of giving you a real code in return.
Be cautious when browsing websites that offer free PSN gift card codes without providing any information regarding what you have to do to get that code. You may end up heading down a rabbit hole of filling in forms, participating in surveys, clicking on ads, and even offering some of your individual information before you understand it?s too late.
What?s the Easiest Way to Get PSN Codes free of charge in 2020?
A legitimate website offering real gift card codes is one which should not be difficult to navigate. You can trust websites which are clear, concise, instructive, and detailed in what they are offering.
Pro Tip: Want an instant way to tell legit websites from scams? Look at just how many steps you need to take so that you can generate your free PSN code!
Our free PSN codes and cards generator has only 1 1 step required to get your new gift card code. Just click on the generator to begin with with NO strings attached no personal information required!
10 Ways to Tell Real PSN Code Websites from Fake Ones
Have a look at the list below to find the top 10 10 methods to tell whether a code generator website is real or fake. Keep these exact things in mind the next time you randomly stumbled upon a website promising free goodies. It?s time to start asking, ?What?s inside it for me??. You deserve to have a fair shot at a free of charge PSN code like everyone else!
1. Consider the Bottom of the Website
This first little bit of advice is something you can use with pretty much any sort of website. Before you look at any information, you should do this one important thing:
Scroll to the bottom of the page.
The footer of the web site should have copyright information, as well as the name of the web site or company name. The more information you see clearly displayed on the bottom, the more legitimate and valid a website is.
Scammers and people who are trying to anonymously collect data will not continually be that honest about their company name or copyright information. A general rule of thumb to comprehend when it comes to the web is to always look up the company name and copyright information since it is good business practice to have it displayed on the website.
You may also want to double-check the web site?s SSL certificate. A website without this kind of certificate means that it really is insecure and susceptible to phishing attacks. This is usually a quick and secret way to steal visitors? information. You could find out how exactly to view an SSL certificate on your own browser through The SSL Store.
2. Find a Website Description
Does the website offer you any information about what kind of services it offers? Could it be easy to navigate and learn how to use it? Or even, then it could not be legitimate.
The old saying, ?knowledge is power?, really goes quite a distance when it comes to looking at new websites. If the website has nothing but ?Just click here to get your free PSN code?, it will come off as pretty sketchy.
Instead, real websites should have plenty of introductory information organized in a neat and simple way in order to understand exactly how the web site works and everything you can hope to gain as a result. For example, the PSNFox front page includes plenty of information about who we are, what services we provide, how our generator works, and why we can be trusted as your number 1 source for generated PSN gift card codes.
A good website must have so much information that it will leave you with no questions ? but still providing a location for you to reach out should you choose have questions that need answering.
3. Carefully Read the ONLINE PRIVACY POLICY and Terms of Use
The more information a website has about its copyright, privacy, and use info, the more transparent and trustworthy it is. A website without a clearly outlined online privacy policy or terms page is probably not one you wish to give your business to.
This is especially true with regards to an internet site that takes any information at all. This includes from getting payment info for a product you want to buy, to recording your name in an electronic guestbook. A privacy policy is required by law with any website that collects any sort of information from a user at all.
?But free PSN gift card codes are FREE! I shouldn?t need to put any information in anyway, right? Why does it matter in case a website that collects no information has a privacy policy or not??
That is a valid question. The reason it really is still very important to websites like ours to have a privacy policy is that it is vital that you tell our visitors that people, legally, usually do not and cannot take down any of your personal information, nor will we utilize it in any way even though we did have it. It really is our paper trail, our legally-binding promise to you that information is handled in a certain way.
Even if a website will not collect any information from you, it will still have an accessible legal statement letting you know that visiting the site will not get you scammed.
Similarly, websites like these must have a Terms useful page. This details the guidelines and regulations for you, an individual, in regards to ways to use the site. A website should have a clear group of rules telling you what's and isn?t allowed, and what type of policies the site has in place for regulating these rules.
4. Find Detailed Instructions
Does the free PSN code generator website bother to describe how their generator system works and how to use it? Or even, it?s time to escape there!
What?s the idea in providing something to the online community if you don?t explain how to make use of the service? The least an internet site can do is explain the way the generator works which means you know just what you?re getting into by enough time you click ?Generate?. At PSNFox, not merely do we explain the way the generator works on our front page, but we also wrote a whole blog post about any of it so new visitors can learn everything there is to know about our free-to-use system.
If you haven?t caught on right now, clarity and transparency are the two most important things to look for when attempting to tell in case a website is real or fake. Scammers don?t actually want to offer you a free PSN code, therefore they aren?t going to spend time setting up a working generator or explaining how exactly to use it ? since it?s not even real!
If you prefer a hassle-free way to generate free PSN codes with no surveys and no human verification required, stop wasting time with the scam sites. In case a website offers little to no information, there?s no point in sticking around.
5. Look for a Social Media Presence
It?s easy for websites to ?fake it?. They could come across as legitimate, but they provide no contact information or no other way to engage with them. In case a website or organization seems inaccessible for you, it probably is. This means they aren?t likely to be too friendly, either.
Naturally, it is much easier to trust a website that offers plenty of ways to engage. It is also a good look for the web site when it demonstrates it likes to connect to the community of gamers it serves. Because of this , it is so very important to any trustworthy organization to be connected on social media.
At the minimum, all websites offering goods or services should at the very least have their own Facebook page. You may also have the ability to find organizations on Twitter. A good, trustworthy site could have a presence across multiple social media marketing platforms, with frequent updates and posts calling the community. That is a great way to tell if the website is actually committed to what they have to offer, or if it?s all just a cover-up for more devious intentions.
Not to mention, it really is so much easier to attain out to the net admins or professionals behind the website in case you have any issues when generating your free PSN code. Most legit free PSN gift card code generators offer other helpful services aswell, such as blog posts and guides which can help you make use of the best PlayStation services.
6. BE MINDFUL: Is Anyone Asking For Your Information?
We mentioned this several times in the article already, but it is really important that you can be on the lookout for websites trying to get your personal information. If any website promising a free generator for PSN codes tries to ask for your name, email address, or payment information, leave the website immediately!
The number one reason people create fake websites and fake game code generators is to capture information and data. Some scammers want to get ahold of one's email addresses to allow them to start sending you spam messages and viruses. Others could be trying to get your payment information to allow them to steal your money and make unauthorized purchases online while pretending to be you. There are some dangerous websites on the market with scary intentions, so when there is ever a moment where you feel unsafe and a website is wanting to get information from you, you have every to close that window.
Fake websites will try to get you to give them personal information such as:
Credit card number
Email address
Physical address
Full name
Business name
Social security number
Legitimate PlayStation Network gift card generators and gift card code generators shouldn?t have any reason to ask for any information at all. For anyone who is worried that you may be on a suspicious site, don?t provide them with any of your information.
Some app mod generators and free resources generators may require a username linked to the game you're generating resources for, but that's mostly of the legitimate ways a website like this may ask for your information. But when it comes to generating free PSN codes without human verification required, not a single piece of information should be asked of you.
7. See ?Contact Us? Availability
Any website that promises something, no matter how simple or free it may be, should have some types of contact information in the event a user ever has questions about said service. Without any way to get in touch with the website admins or service providers, how do you understand that the services they?re offering are legit?
The short answer: you don?t.
It is possible to?t trust someone you literally haven't any way of talking to. A website should, at the bare minimum, have a contact form where you could send a message to the admins.
Nowadays, most legitimate websites offer a lot more than that. Along with a contact page, you can also typically find an email address and a link to the website?s social media page where you can get in touch with the website owners and possibly even have a real-time speak to someone regarding your concerns. THE WEB can be an incredibly accessible place, so that it?s time that services did customers the essential courtesy of participating in contact!
8. Get Legitimate PlayStation Information
A website that provides real PSN codes will have no problem providing resources and guides that make reference to actual PlayStation information. For example, a trusted website may connect you to the PSN official website or provide detailed instructions for how exactly to redeem your free PSN code using guides supplied by Sony.
Websites that offer free PSN gift code generators aren?t necessarily somebody of PlayStation, but rather use third parties who provide us with the codes we can then pass on to you. We have been transparent about our goal to offer as many free PSN codes as you possibly can while also providing up-to-date tips and tricks from gamers to gamers.
Your resources and services should result from the source. Someone who is so far removed from the specific PlayStation Network that they make no reference to the company name, aside from the entirety of the platform, is a person who is not here to provide you free digital goodies. Unfortunately, you have to be on the lookout for the ones that don?t care to offer you any information regarding PlayStation itself.
9. Consider the Website Map: WILL THERE BE a Blog or Resources Menu?
What good is really a website?s homepage if you can find no other pages attached? Quite frankly, a legit free PSN code generator is almost never on the homepage of an internet site. Instead, there's introductory information and a list of resources, in addition to a navigation menu to help you easily find your way round the site ? and to the generator.
Sites with blogs are even better; blogs let you know that the net admins are current, engaged, and associated with players in the PlayStation gaming community. It doesn?t matter if every single visitor to the website eventually ends up using the generator, we just want to give them a valuable experience when they check us out no matter what.
A blog offers free and new quite happy with absolutely no obligation to the visitor. Webpages offering no user experience opportunities and just try to help you to download a code are scammers and phishers.
10. Look at Web Design and Use of Language
Having a good-looking website is just common sense. Would you rather visit the plain website with a jarring bright background and text in a hard-to-read font? It?s 2020 ? websites must have an increased standard than that!
In every seriousness, legitimate websites want to live up to an increased standard by making sure to execute smooth web design and use good language. A webpage full of typos tells you that the web designer does not value the user-end experience, and could be attempting to scam you with translated text and possibly plagiarized articles.
There is no official rulebook on how an internet site should be designed. But as the consumer, it?s in your instinct. It is possible to tell when a website looks good or when it doesn?t. You need something that offers a dynamic experience and everything you need while still organization, to-the-point, and accessible.
That?s what we all have been about here at PSNFox, and it?s what we hope helps you have a far more enjoyable experience when searching for the very best free PSN card codes online with no survey required!
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If you need any information or have additional questions regarding our generator or any PSNFox service, don?t hesitate to attain out to us. You can e mail us online or find us on social media. Generate real, legitimate, free PSN card codes with no survey required today!