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For content owners, Tribe Live presents the chance to create a dynamic new media channel to broadcast to a contained audience within the cinema environment.

The event cinema sector keeps growing rapidly and is now worth over $1 billion. Tribe Live will show you by way of a simple step-by-step process that's tailored specifically to meet your needs and helps you calculate the earning potential of your content.

Tribe Live work directly with exhibitors and advertisers to market content within the cinema environment and across their consumer marketing platforms. We also operate our very own dedicated social media marketing channels that generate over 50 million impressions weekly.

Encrypted streams ? no risk of content theft

Full 4K quality

Auto-resume and buffering systems for uninterrupted playback

No satellite dish installation required ? no building permits and expensive installations

High security system ensures only approved venues can show the content

Unbeatable reliability via robust infrastructure ? the show must go on!

Unique X is the owner and provider of proprietary technology and content services to the world's largest film studios and cinema groups.

Cinema 4D provide a comprehensive online help system that is easy to use, an easy task to search, and examples and context references. It has a great many other powerful tools that will help and one of the primary helpers is the content browser.

This tool searches through all of the presets, the materials, the plugins, the preset scenes. There's so much here you will see yourself getting lost keeping up with all of the great examples and trying to find ones you used before.

You can get lost with so many links and references but with an excellent handle on using the content browser, you may be found!

Getting started with the content browser is quite easy. On the top menu bar, at the very far right you see an icon, an orange segmented globe. Try opening this content browser at the far right of your top menu bar. Technically, the content browser is similar to windows explorer or any file search tool that search files, strings, with selective search parameters.

I share this merely to be clear how their content browser works and the kind of selection filters you can apply but the content browser's main purpose in life is to search the Cinema 4D presets and help you find, compare, and catalog the rich group of presets, scenes, and animations provided in this great library from Maxon.

For starters, if you pick the content browser, you can find five search icons in the content browser menu presentation. The icons are desktop, home directory (in my own Windows installation, that is Documents), presets, catalogs, and favorites.

As I said, you can search the desktop or home directory which will search these resources on your pc however the browser begins to shine once you search and save the presets. You can get lost in the presets. There exists a fairly familiar group of folders you start with BodyPaint 3D, Prime, to Studio and Visualize.

A few of the groupings and parent names such as for example BodyPaint are obvious; others may seem a little subjective but this where in fact the browser becomes your assistant. You see categories like 'materials' under both Prime and Visualize and depending on how much time you spend in the presets you may have no problem time for your last impression.

The content browser helps you find your last impression. If you were looking at glass materials you can search for it in various tree hierarchies. Like any browser, seek out the term 'glass' but pay attention to where the search is beginning. At top of the left of your browser may be the indicator 'Searching in' that shows where your search is beginning. If you need it to find only BodyPaint 3D, simply drag that folder to the 'Searching In' window. The browser will start its search for the reason that folder.

You will observe your browser has a very specialized searching filter set. The very best types of 'Name' and 'Contains' have refining filters such as for example 'modification date', 'file type', or just the file preset name. The 'Contains' has filters such as for example 'starts with', 'ends with', or 'contains'.

These seem simple but imagine if you remember seeing a really cool wood texture, or glass. tribelive These two show up in multiple folders and it is difficult to remember it all. Search for 'contains' glass and you may see them all. Be sure your 'Searching in' indicates that you will be searching 'from the top', at the Presets folder itself. You then will see all occurrences in every presets.