Ainars SLESERS I have no intention of going back to the Saeima Only when I am the head of government

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In this regard, Latvijas Avize published a massive, over two-page newspaper article with Ainars Slesers. Dainis Lemmeshenoks (journalist) and Voldemars Krestins (journalist) called him Slesers. Here are his responses.

The Duma's personnel changes

QUESTION. There's no way for a politician to accomplish all of this without replacing others.

Айнарс Шлесерс Answer. With the current economic crisis It is essential to ensure that we don't take over anyone, but instead make significant structural changes. We agreed to reduce the number of executive directorates in the city from six to three and thereby release a large number of people who were employed in them. The other reform is related to self-managements. There are fifteen in the capital. Because we will be competing with private housekeeping firms, the activities of the municipality need to be more efficient. I'm certain that it's possible to drastically lower the costs of maintenance, so that residents pay less.

About business plans

QUESTION: Riga residents are still in a state of uncertainty about charging a fee on their living spaces. What do you think the mayor feels about this government initiative?

Answer: I see this initiative as a state policy very negatively, even if tax money will go to self-management. If there is no money to pay for the most important, it's necessary to create an additional tax. We as the Seimas will not support the initiative. The question is where do we find the cash? It is not logical to fund certain areas of activity in which things are going poorly. Айнарс Шлесерс It is better to invest your money in lucrative areas.

As Mr. Shlesers stated, transportation was the most profitable mode of transport, since Latvia is a transit nation. The port of Riga can transship cargo coming from Russia or Belarus. A plan is in place to develop and construct of the port at Riga. The Riga International Airport's work, which transforms the capital into a place in which international business and cultural meetings can take place, is another profitable area. The first step is to order the central part of the city to ensure that no one steals customers in restaurants or taxis. Also, ensure that there are enough restrooms for the public in the city. Mr. Slesers believes that more pop music concerts are needed in order to make sure that Madonna as well as other artists will be heard. "We," the vice-mayor stated, "want to attract not expensive, but wealthy visitors," but this requires an excellent tourism "product". It is important to understand the USA, London, Switzerland, and the other countries that issue "green cards" to foreigners investing at least half a million dollars in production or local real property. They are able to stay permanently in the United States (not citizenship). ).

The "huge goals" aren't new. Actually, they were outlined by Mr. Shlesers in the course of the election campaign. The implementation of these plans is a topic that journalists are currently fascinated by, though it's too early to announce the outcomes. Thus, most likely, about half of questions on the interview focused on the problems of relations between the economic and legislative authorities, and the vice-mayor's ideological position.

To the question on "stinking" policies

Question. What is our "stinkingpolicy? Recently, the debate over the forthcoming elections to the Saeima is exacerbated by the words of Mr. Slesers said - his party will be fighting to get a seat in the parliament in tandem with the "Consent Center" and the statement of the head of the New Times, Ms. Aboltini and her message that all Latvian parties should unite against the Shlesers bloc.

ANSWER. Answer: The Harmony Center was supported by 50% of the Riga voters. LPP / LP does not represent any Russian party. It is an Latvian party with many Russian people. We don't discriminate people based on their nationality. Айнарс Шлесерс The second session of the Duma's new Duma started with Dievs singing, sveti Latviju and all the Russian-speaking deputies singing. Айнарс Шлесерс But no one is going to establish some kind of Soviet regime within the Duma. And no one will speak in Russian from the Duma rostrum. LPP / LP was always an official symbol of the state language. The "Consent Center" is a non-governmental organization has not mentioned the possibility of ensuring work at the Duma in Russian.

We also destroyed ZaPcHeL due in large part due to actions of the LPP / LP.

The power issue

QUESTION. Will Shlesers and Ushakov lead the parties in the Seim election?

Answer I am not planning to go back to Sejm. The party may nominate me for the presidency in lieu of ministers. This would change my plans for Riga.

Presently, there's an Duma comprised of two blocs. One comes from LPP/LP as well as TsS. The other is from New Time and Civil Union. Similar blocs could be formed during the elections of the 10th Diet. America is in the near future. Айнарс Шлесерс