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The world of Minecraft offers a seemingly endless supply of adventures, thanks to its sandbox nature. You can forage and fight off creatures in survival mode, or you can don your artist's cap and craft an entire world in creative mode. However, Minecraft doesn't need to be a solo activity. Thanks to Minecraft servers, you can join others online across the globe, experiencing worlds crafted to mimic famous fantasy landscapes or games of the past. Before exploring our list, check out our guide on how to play Minecraft multiplayer so that you know how to connect.

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Are you ready to take a deep dive into the world of Tolkien? Established in October 2010, Minecraft Middle Earth is over 335 square-miles, giving you a gargantuan virtual world to explore. The Middle Earth community has taken up the challenge of building several iconic locations, including Isengard, Moria, Dol Amroth, and Minas Tirith. You can launch your adventure as a hobbit and explore the land or contribute to building. Either way, the Middle Earth community is supportive, and you can join their Discord to make new friends.

If you're in the mood for fun, then a stop by Hypixel is required. This mini game-based world has a healthy selection of multiplayer missions to take part in - best of all, it's free to play. Jump into games such as UHC Champions, a hardcore survival mode game, or Turbo Kart Racers, a full-fledged racing game where you pit yourself against 11 other players. Leaderboards showcase the top players in all games, and those looking to support the server can grab some sweet merch from the official website store.

Grandtheft Minecraft

Want to return to a world of high-stakes crime? If so, Grandtheft Minecraft has you covered. Pubg qa Jump into this map to explore regions such as MineSantos, Sanktburg, and New Mineport. The server features over 35 custom weapons, from shotguns to snipers - all your favorites from the world of Grand Theft Auto. As expected from Grandtheft Minecraft, your goal is to become the wealthiest criminal. You can even form gangs and build up your squad. Frequent updates keep this server interesting.

Pixelmon Craft

It's the world of Pokemon in Minecraft form. Join other Pokemon friends from around the globe in Pixelmon Craft, where you can explore multiple regions based on the franchise. As you might expect, animals in this server are replaced with various Pokemon. What takes this to the next level is that Pokemon can be battled and caught. Go ahead, become the next Pokemon master - just be sure to check out the landscape and the available gym leaders who are ready to battle.

Do you crave the freedom of the seven seas? Jump into PirateCraft, a server where you can live the pirate lifestyle of your dreams. Create and build your own ships and cannons with which you can travel the world. Of course, those cannons aren't just there for decoration - take caution on your adventures. Other features of the server include forming pirate crews with others and brewing custom pirate grog. Multiple maps are available for those who prefer to engage in standard survival, creative building, or a PvP mode with mini-games.

We can't forget a world based on the Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire franchise. This full-sized Westeros recreation used over 1.5 billion blocks placed in over 7.5 square miles of virtual space. Famous destinations available for visiting include Winterfell, King's Landing, Lannisport, Highgarden, and Pyke. The makers of WesterosCraft welcome all, including those who just want to take a peek and those interested in becoming a builder. Who knows, maybe this magical world will even help you forget about the season 8 finale.


Looking for a different magical world to explore? Join Potterworld to take a look at locations that look like they escaped from your favorite fantasy book and movie series. You'll just need a moment to decipher the touch of Minecraft fun that has been added to each location name, such as Hogsworth and Hogsend. Potterworld sports a ton of fun mini-games to play with your favorite Minecraft Potter-heads, including Spell Wars, Quabbleball, Melting Floor, and Hide and Seek. A calendar on the website helps you keep up with a month stocked full of fun virtual events.

If you're unsure exactly what type of server you wish to join, consider jumping onboard Extreme Craft. This Minecraft server stands all as one of the most popular options available with various game modes for all types of players. Game modes include survival, hunger games, factions, skygrid, skywars, sky block, acid island, and egg wars. Of course, you can also join as a creative player and enjoy clicking away your next creation.

For many of us, the show The Walking Dead ended when a particular character, who shall not be revealed, was killed off - oh, what a night. However, for those still entrenched in a world with hordes of zombies, The Mining Dead is an excellent place to visit. As one might imagine, the map follows an apocalypse game mode based on the show. Start with a simple survival kit and scavenge your way to survival. Just remember that even a single bite could be fatal, and if you join the PvP server, the undead won't be your only concern.

Are you missing the world of RuneScape? No longer wish for a recreation of your favorite childhood game, thanks to Minescape. This Minecraft reproduction of RuneScape allows players to immerse themselves in the picturesque fantasy world, meeting a friendly community of other gamers. Five independent worlds are available to explore, including a creative world where you and other players can show off your artistic skills. And unlike the world of long ago, you no longer need to download Java to play it - a real win for all computer users.