The Best Minecraft Mods

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You've not played Minecraft for years. After hitting the bottom of the game's rather shallow tech tree, there's only so much fun to be had making things out of blocks.

But there's another way to enjoy Minecraft with mods. Mods that'll let you build huge factories in the sky, survive a spaceship crash into an alien world and become a powerful wizard, live with nature in the tranquility of the forest, or all of it simultaneously.

The majority of articles claiming to offer the top Minecraft mods will provide you with an endless number of incompatible downloads from sites that aren't trustworthy, but we're going to do things in a different way. We'll offer you a selection of five custom-curated packs mods that work together to deliver a particular experience. fake it till you make it

See also: how to unblock Minecraft at school or in the office All the modpacks below come with videos or an in-game guide that'll teach you how to use the modpack - although you may at some points need to rely on Google to find a few things.

You'll require the Twitch Desktop app (opens in the new tab) to download the modpacks. This will guide you through the entire installation process. Click the Minecraft tab, then click "Browse All Modpacks.' fake root Then use the search box to find each one.

One important note about hardware: In order to run these mods, you will need to have the desktop version of Minecraft installed on your computer. Minecraft isn't exactly what you'd call an optimized video game. Mods can put extra burden on it, which means that lower-end computers might have trouble running the bigger packs.

fake it till you make it