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New York, long renowned for its tall skyscrapers and fashion-forward culture, is a top tourist destination in the United States. Its Central Park, also popular as the "Marble City," is a sight to behold, a veritable "green paradise" teeming with wildlife. The area is also host to many luxury apartments in New York City. Located around the park are high-rise luxury condominium towers such as those located on Park Avenue and along the avenue itself. Given the fact that New York is a city with which most of us are more familiar, it's no surprise that we tend to overlook the many beautiful apartments in New York City's central park.

For the most part, apartments in new york come in two types: luxury condominiums and townhouses. Outlined below are some of the more popular, highly sought after apartments in the park. These include the Metropolitan Palace, located on Central Park's Upper East Side; the lofts at Battery Park, an edifice near the Broadway theater; and, in addition to these lofts, the brownstones of East Village, formerly an industrial area. All these apartments in new york City feature hardwood floors, fully-equipped kitchens, marble bathrooms, and state of the art plumbing and electrical systems. These apartments feature large backyards, and most come with parking spaces.

High-rise luxury apartments in New York City are also popularly sought after by business travelers. If apartments in atlanta are considering making the move to one of these bustling cities, consider booking extended stays in one of the many serviced apartments in New York that are available. Serviced apartments in New York are quite advantageous over hotels since they provide a flexible environment where you can completely customize your stay and are fully furnished and equipped with all modern amenities including concierge, wifi access, elevators, car rentals, and much more. Booking extended stays in serviced apartments in new york enables you to cut down on costs while enjoying a luxurious stay in one of the state's most thriving cities.

In addition to serviced apartments in new york, many offer vacation homes or second homes. Booking serviced apartments reduces costs while allowing you to enjoy a fully furnished and maintained residence. This allows you to save time when it comes to locating a hotel and makes it easier to plan your next vacation when you choose to book serviced apartments in new york rather than a hotel. Many of these apartments come fully furnished with modern furnishings and features such as: full kitchens with appliances, fully equipped fitness centers, air conditioning/heaters, cable TV, microwave ovens, and refrigerators with green options. Booking extended stays in serviced apartments in new york helps you to enjoy a stress-free and comfortable stay while exploring the many cultural attractions of this bustling city renowned for its rich history and contemporary culture.

The Financial District of New York City is among the most highly traveled through areas in the United States. This bustling business district is located along Broadway through both the Times Square area and the Broadway-Locations. Tourists love to visit both areas as the combination of the two venues provides an exhilarating and breathtaking experience. Tourists can take in the elegant Times Square venues and walk down the Broadway theater districts to view the best shows in town. However, the visitor who wishes to see the sights and sounds of the Broadway business district should head into the Financial Districts' West End where the world-famous theaters and shops are located.

Another popular destination for tourists and visitors is Central Park. The peaceful park offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying lush greenery and wonderful gardens. Located to the north of Manhattan, the apartments in New York are just a short distance from the busy streets of Central Park. Visitors will love to take in the beautiful sightscapes and observe nature at this relaxing park. The apartments in New York also make a nice place to base an overnight stay if one is planning on visiting the park during the day.

Visitors who want an all inclusive vacation or a temporary residence in the city of New York should look into the options that are available to them when they are looking for apartments in New York City. Whether they are looking for studio apartments in Manhattan or luxury apartments in Queens they will find that there is something available for them. No matter what type of apartment someone is after they will be able to find one with a reasonable price. Studio apartments in New York City are plentiful at this time so one should not have a hard time locating a good studio apartment in Manhattan.

Luxury apartments in New York City are also plentiful. People who wish to live in the finest areas of the country can opt for the many studios and one and two bedroom apartments in Manhattan and the surrounding areas. The apartments in New York City are affordable and beautiful. With all the options available, anyone can find a new home in the city of New York. Whether the family is large or small, everyone will be able to find a luxury apartment in New York City that they will be comfortable living in. The prices are reasonable and the homes are luxurious.

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