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If you were a Minecraft player in 2010, or 2011, then you will be familiar with the official launcher. It allowed you to control your account. Screamyguy's Blog wanna talk about minecraft In addition to the standard authorization function, the previous version of the Minecraft Launcher had a fairly extensive functionality for those days. For example, you could view the latest game news on the main screen, which was downloaded from the official developer's account on Tumblr.

The best thing about the old launcher was its redesigned system for updating game client. wanna talk about minecraft This allowed you to download only the files that needed to be modified when updating the game. This allowed for faster updates and saved significant bandwidth. However, the ability to completely restart the client was not lost. You just had to select "Force Update", in the launcher settings. Many people are unaware that the Mojang launcher was still available and compatible with the old Minecraft and new game versions.

Older version of the launcher is required (Minecraft Premium)

Version old Launcher Minecraft

The program can be translated into English.

This launcher may not work with new versions! We recommend using the new official launcher or TLauncher!