New World Private Servers Can I Set Up My Own Server

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New World is incredibly popular right now, which is great news for the developers, but somewhat of a hindrance to players. There are long queues to play Amazon Game Studios’ new MMORPG on PC, leaving many players cursing the public servers. But, can users skip queues by renting a non-public server? Here’s the lowdown on setting up New World private servers at launch.

Does New World have private servers? It’s possible that a post-launch game update will add New World private server support, allowing users to set up and/or rent their own online game servers.

There’s no way for players to bypass the long New World queue times on public servers right now. Extreme mining Setting up a private server in New World would be the ideal way for users to skip queues and access the game instantly; as confirmed by the official Twitter account, however, there is no such functionality in the MMO at launch.

We do not currently have plans for private servers at launch.

- New World (@playnewworld) February 25, 2020

Interestingly, this 2020 tweet mentions that the dev team doesn’t have private server plans for the game’s launch. Those plans evidently didn’t change now that the final game is out sans private servers, though the statement doesn’t rule out their addition post-launch. Wow Servers All Over The possibility of New World private server support remains open at this stage, so, with enough demand, Amazon Game Studios may work to implement it.

Anyone that’s currently contending with New World connectivity issues would do well to check out the following guides; here’s what to do when experiencing the “lag detected” error and the “connection failed” message. Additionally, find out the best course of action when the server queue isn’t moving.