Is It Safe To Host A Minecraft Server

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Is it safe to host a minecraft server? Minecraft server list

I am a bit anxious about the "Network Sharing" option, which you must enable to set up minecraft servers. Is it safe? Will my computer get viruses? Thanks!

You don't need to enable "Network Sharing" unless you're using it as a name for "Port Forwarding", which is a terrible router.

Servers of all kinds are subject to risk. However it's pretty small and generally safe. There have not been any exploits that allow the Minecraft server to execute random code to install a disease locally. While this doesn't necessarily mean there aren't, it does indicate that they exist.

It is easy to follow a few rules.

You shouldn't run the server under administrator access or as any other user with admin access.

You shouldn't make it a user that has full access to any files and documents you care about.

You should keep good backups of everything important (even if your server isn't running).

Keep your OS, Java, or server up-to date with the latest security patches

Don't give admin access (OP, web admin access etc.) to anyone that you don't trust.

Avoid installing random plugins that come from unknown sources.

If you follow those basic rules, you'll be fine.

My understanding is that you plan to host your Minecraft server on your own home network. However, this could pose problems if the server is made public. This because unless you mask your IP with a proxy there is a possibility that you will be targeted for DoS or DDoS attacks.

It's unlikely.. be careful with what ports you open up and who admin access is granted to.. follow the advice of /u/PhonicUK and you should be fine. If you by the slim chance have an enemy out there that cares to hit you with DoS I'm confident you don't have a static IP so just a reset of your router should give you a new IP from your ISP and problem solved.

The server itself is perfectly safe (I've never heard about any security holes), but it's possible that your network configuration allows you to give people access to your server in ways you didn’t intend.

Say you run your server on your main PC, which also shares your printer to your home network. You can open your router so people can dial in from any port to your main computer to connect to it. They may also be able connect to your printer and print stuff.

So make sure you only forward the ports you need to, or that you have passwords or other security measures protecting the services you allow access to from the Internet.

PhonicUK pointed out that there shouldn't be any "Network Sharing” option. What tutorial are your following?

Just a thought. There are some very cheap minecraft hosting services. I started out with a $3/mo host that had a Spigot server and 1GB of RAM. It was worth it compared to having a computer at home 24/7 and paying the electric bills. My home connection is limited at 12mbps upload speeds, but most hosts offer 100mbps upload speeds (well the two I've used). Since then, I have moved to an 8GB VPS setup because you can't help but get addicted. It costs $15/mo and I split it with 2 other players. I would prefer to have a server in a cloud to my home, but I am able to set one up at the home if needed.