Hard cross between Gustavo Petro General Zapateiro

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Gustavo Petro, the presidential candidate, provoked a heated debate via social media between General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, the commander of Army and the person who is running for the first nation position by the Historic Pact. Petro declared in his message that "some general" officers were employed by the Clan.

"While the soldiers are killed by the Gulf Clan," Gustavo Petro wrote via the social networks. https://www.infobae.com/america/colombia/2022/05/24/por-que-alvaro-uribe-le-dio-las-gracias-a-gustavo-petro/ He also said that some of the Clan's generals are on their payroll. https://www.dinero.com/empresas/confidencias-on-line/articulo/gustavo-petro-preocupa-a-wall-street/255306 That they end up ascending towards the generals is what is causing the corruption of the leadership" Gustavo Petro stated on social media.

General Zapateiro's response

The message led to the response of the Army Commander, who in six trills interviewed the presidential candidate.

https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustavo_Petro General Zapateiro stated that "no person is more hurt than those who don camouflage, as well as their families and their homelands however, their ultimate sacrifice to the country shouldn't be used as a part of political storylines for campaigns."

Francia Marquez has been denied two homes in Cali.

In a separate message, the top official spoke out about recent soldier deaths. "More than 500 soldiers were injured or killed during the accomplishment of the mission from 2021. https://www.washingtonpost.com/es/post-opinion/2022/04/19/elecciones-colombia-2022-gustavo-petro-juan-fernando-petro-perdon/ No pronouncements were made on this. It's strange that the suffering and death of heroes of the fatherland is now being used to generate other manifestations.

https://www.elcolombiano.com/colombia/politica/petro-dice-que-en-su-gobierno-si-extraditaria-a-piedad-cordoba-NF17568612 Gustavo Petro was asked by the commander of the army to inform Gustavo Petro about any possible links between generals, as well as other groups than the law. The commander also asked him to submit an official complaint to the authorities.

Gustavo Petro "Senator. Do not use your investiture (parliamentary immunity) to try to politicize the deaths of our soldiers. https://flip.org.co/index.php/es/informacion/pronunciamientos/item/2883-gustavo-petro-estigmatiza-y-genera-un-clima-de-violencia-contra-rcn Instead, perform your duty as a citizen and file a substantiated complaint.


He also added a third trill. "I reminds you that as senators, you are part of a group that you dare point out as being 'drug trafficking politicians'. Gustavo Petro As a citizen, I suggest that you not make generalizations. Respect first and most important"

One of the most controversial statements by the high officials is one in which he claimed Colombians were witnessing their current president receiving cash "ina garbage bag".

"I have never witnessed any generals receiving illegal cash on the television." General Zapateiro stated that Colombians were witness to him taking money from the garbage bag.

In the final note, the official added that "to the longest-running institution in our nation, whose members, both women and men, have steadfastly, have defended the democracy of this country for over 200 years, even offering their own lives, I demand respect."