Essential Tips For The New Beagle Owner

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Five years ago, when we welcomed Yoda home We had no idea how to handle beagle puppies. I will be frank; our home was a complete mess. We had done so many things wrong that we needed to seek out a professional trainer for help. There are some things I wish I knew prior to bringing my first beagle home. These are the essential tips for beagle owners who are just starting out.

Your house will be puppy secured

I have raised two beagle puppies and I can assure you that there are many ways to get them into trouble.

Beagle s, particularly when they are pups are curious and explorers. They investigate by placing objects inside their mouths, and later swallowing them. They will explore every corner of your house to find the perfect item for them. You can read Why do beagles eat everything ? to find out more.

It is essential to ensure that your puppy-proofs your house and create the perfect environment for your puppy. Puppy-proofing is similar to baby-proofing. Take away every item they might touch, chew, break, and put in their mouth.

As much as you can socialize

Beagles can be friendly and social dogs. They can be a good companion for people of any age. They do well with other dogs, and cats as well. However, in order to create an environment that encourages them to be extroverts it is important to begin engaging them in social interactions from a young age.

Socialization with dogs involves the exposure of your dog to various scents and sounds, and also establishing positive connections with them. This will ensure that your beagle doesn't end up having a fearful and timid personality.

Train, train, train, repeat!

If you haven't heard of this already, let me say that beagles are unruly, rude, and mischievous. They are independent and curious creatures, with minds full of curiosity.

They aren't easy to deal with if they don't have the right training. However, rest assured that you don't need to hire an expert trainer. All you require is the sameness.

Regular exercise is the key to success.

Beagles were breed for hunting. They were used to locate small animals and chase them. They were specifically bred to be active and active.

We've made them house pets, but they're still very active. They have a high requirement to exercise regularly.

Get started with crate training ASAP

Putting your beagle in a crate may seem an awful idea however, trust me when I say that it's not. Dogs can rest in a crate which offers them a safe environment. It's like their own personal den.

Apart from that, there are quite a number of benefits to crate training the dog.

This will make housetraining much easier.

When you're not working or working, you can place them inside the crate and ensure that they are safe.

It can help to curve the separation anxiety of children.

They can be put in an e-crate in case you have to get them out. Make sure they don't get into trouble.

It is recommended that you begin Crate training as quickly as possible. It can be hard to train them once they are used to sleeping on your bed. This article will show you how to crate-train your beagle. If you're planning to get a crate, then these are my suggestions for the most effective cages for beagles.