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Do you allow us to use any mods or server jars we want?

Yes, you can install and use any mods or server jars of your choice and have complete FTP file access to your server from the control panel. There is a file manager in your game panel that allows you to use custom modes and jars. You can upload and install it manually or contact our support team to assist you.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to upload and install the Minecraft Modpacks:

1. Download the server file for the Modpack. 2. Unzip the .zip file on your PC and upload all the files inside it to your server. 3. Rename the file from "modpack.jar" to "custom.jar". 4. Set your server to use a custom.jar. Go to the option labeled as "change your server type", then click "change to selected jar". 5. minecraft servers Add a new world from the control panel and click on save. This allows for mods to enhance your game experience by altering world generation and ore-spawning.