Avoid Gportal If You Want To Rent A Private Server

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Only three weeks since me and my friend started playing Conan Exiles and G-portal has been giving us so much headache. We thought since they are the official partner they must be good, turns out we are so wrong. We cannot bear it anymore so we have already made the switch to another service provider. This is an honest review from me, as a first-timer in renting private server and hosting multiplayer online game, I have to say G-portal is really bad.

-High latency and unstable performance. We rent a 10 slot server located in East US, from the States usually 100ping sometimes shoot up to 300ping, it’s already bad enough. From other parts of the world it’s constantly 300ping. Occasionally the server will disappear from in-game server list. cause we all love games In-game performance is bad, a lot of lag and rubber banding, to the point where everyone on our server wears heavy armor because it’s impossible to time rolls.

-Auto-update is a lie. Mods never auto-update on server side, “Mod mismatch” happens every time a mod got updated on Steam workshop. I am not even sure if their mod management system is synchronized with Steam workshop or not because I have never seen the server auto-updating the mods. And there is no “check update” or “force update” button for mods, so we have to manually upload the mod files via ftp. In three weeks we have done this 4 times it’s ridiculous.

-User-unfriendly. Their mod management page is very hard to use, changing load order in particular is a nightmare. and about manually connecting via ftp, G-portal does not provide any web browser-based file management function so we have to figure out how to use a third-party ftp client ourselves.

-“Official partner”. In server setting page they seem to provide explanations for the ini files, but a lot of info they give is wrong, or obsolete. For example for values like PlayerFoodMultiplier and ResourceRespawnMultiplier, The ini files are already confusing by themselves, it makes things even more confusing when their setting page contradicts with official wiki. As a so-called official partner this is ridiculous.

-And today. Today is the last straw. Server is down since 10 hours ago, at first G-portal say it was a power shut down to prevent damage from thunderstorm, then 30min later they say the data center was hit by lightning and need repair, then they say server shall be up in 2-3 hours, then now -6 hours more of downtime without any communication.

Friends has been complaining and I cannot do anything. I work in electricals -It’s ridiculous a modern-day data center can be disabled completely by lightning. I just cannot trust quality of their server anymore. Them giving misinformation and keeping quiet is also certainly not a good PR move. Right now I am just hope servers can get back online sooner - so I can download save data and transfer to other server provider.