10 Best Minecraft Servers To Play In 2022

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Purple Prison is an old Minecraft prison server. It has been around for seven years. It is one of most popular and top Minecraft prison server.

This server offers many activities, including trading, mining, and building with other players. Purple Prison is also very welcoming to newbies. Each new user who joins gets a number of powerful starter kits.

All in all, this server is definitely worth giving a shot.

Server address is purpleprison.

9) MC Central – IP Address: mccentral.org

For those looking for a Minecraft server with many different game modes to choose from, MC Central is the place to go. They have their own factions, prison, KitPvP, and parkour maps to play.

The MC Central Minecraft server has a great and active community. The server has been running for over nine years, which means it has had plenty of time to grow and develop.

Server address: www.mccentral.org

8) Mineclub - IP address: play.mineclub.com

Mineclub is a Minecraft server that features a social hub. It is built around the idea of making friends and having fun while playing.

There are minigames players can play to win prizes like hats, cosmetic items, and more. The server is rapidly growing, and some are saying it's on track to overtake Hypixel for the #1 Minecraft server of all time.

Server address: play.mineclub.com

7) GommeHD – IP address: www.gommehd.net

GommeHD is the biggest german Minecraft server with over 5,000 active players at peak times of the day. It offers a variety of minigames. You can choose from different types of PVP game like Spleef, Hunger Games and Bedwars.

GommeHD was created in 2013 and isn’t slowing down. Despite being based in Germany, the server is growing quickly among English-speaking gamers who want a change from Hypixel.

Server address: gommehd.net

6) CavePvP - IP Address: cavepvp.org

Cave PvP is a Minecraft server perfect for fans of PvP and is one of the most popular dedicated PvP serves to exist. It offers two main types of gameplay: HCF (hardcore factions) and practice duels.

Cave PvP is an excellent option for everyone. There are many streamers and YouTubers that frequent this server.

Server address: cavepvp.org

5) 2b2t. IP Address: 2b2t.org

2b2t is the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft. It has been online for more than ten year with the same map. It has no rules and cheats are allowed. Griefing is encouraged.

The server is certainly not for everyone. Gamers should be ready to deal avec many hackers, griefers, and trolls. However, those looking for a unique Minecraft experience might just find it on 2b2t.

Server address: 2b2t.org

4) Wynncraft - IP address: play.wynncraft.com

Wynncraft is a Minecraft server unlike any other, with a huge player base, custom weapons, and quests. Pirateportal Users can explore and create their adventures.

Wynncraft goes beyond exploring and adventuring. It also allows for trading and roleplay. Wynncraft also offers custom weapons that are unique to this server. Players can also train in-game to improve their skills.

Server address: play.wynncraft.com

3) Mineplex - IP address: mineplex.com

Mineplex isn't as popular as once it was, but it's still a great server. There are many minigames it offers, each unique in its own way.

For example, there are some games like Block Hunt, where gamers have to find blocks in a hide and seek style. Skywars and Cake Wars, on the other hand, are more about combat. Users must fight each other until they die.

Server address: mineplex.com

2) The Hive IP address: play.hivemc.com

Although The Hive has closed its Java Edition operations, it still offers one of the most powerful Bedrock Edition servers.

The Hive Minecraft server provides players with an opportunity to enjoy the game in their own way. It has classic minigames like deathrun and skywars, but also murder mystery for those who prefer a more creative experience.

Server address: http://hivemc.com

1) Hypixel - IP Address: hypixel.net

To no one's surprise, coming in as the top Minecraft server to check out in 2022 is Hypixel. This mega-network logs in hundreds and thousands of unique logins every day, making it the most prominent Minecraft server.

Hypixel's popularity can be attributed to the great selection of minigames that keep users coming back. Hypixel Skyblock is currently the most popular gamemode on the network.